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Luka Magnotta

Luka Magnotta

               Luka Magnotta
"It was early summer, about 5 years ago." Ricky began telling us the sorted
story of how he and Jon began shitty butt fucking each other. "Our parents
had left for work that morning and as usual, I was left to watch over his
sorry 15 year old ass. Jon'd been up late the night before watching scary
movies, so I wasn't surprised when by 1 o'clock in the afternoon he was
still sound asleep in his room.  The apartment was hot with summer heat, so
I decided to take a nice cold shower to cool off. Also it had been a minute
since I got to shoot a load of teen spunk so the shower would be doing
double duty.  I entered the bathroom, started the shower, and stripped down
naked but felt the tell-tell rumbling in my stomach of too much pizza and
beer. I looked around the floor for something good to read on the toilet
but it was just old comic books of Jon's and a few Mechanic magazines that
belonged to our dad."

Ricky started the story for us all but was talking to no one in
particular. He absentmindedly stroked his amazing brown cock and fingered
deep inside the tip of his grungy thick foreskin. His broad digit made the
thin skin of his dick swell and bulge as he circled his corona in search of
cock slurry to feed his face. I knew that inside of his raunchy 2 inch hood
was a mound of my dirty shit mixed with the left over drippings of his
creamy cum wads. My fat erection grew almost to full length at the thought
of sucking his nasty cock, eating his scum and slobbing his knob to a
powerful ejaculation.

"My lower intestines were full of gut busting shit and I needed to take a
dump badly but I also wanted to take my time and enjoy it with a long jerk
of my fat 17 year old cock, so I grabbed a towel, wrapped it around my
waist and headed back to my room to get a stroke book from under my
mattress. I didn't consider myself gay but I didn't like girls for sex
either. Being a jock I had to do all my shit on the low, and that included
hiding my best fag-meat-beat rags under the dresser in my bedroom.  I
didn't notice that my room door was open until I saw Jon in the corner,
with his tight little boy ass in wiggling in the air as he sniffed my dirty
gym gear. I could tell that he was getting off smelling my dirty jock
straps, sneakers and t-shirts. I can admit that all of that stuff needed to
be washed badly. They stunk to high heaven after not being washed for an
entire season or just over 4 months. The jocks had started to turn a dark
brown in the front pouch from all of my gathered sweat, piss and pre cum
but the backs were much, much worse. They were coated in brown butt sludge
from riding the crack of my sweaty ass for so long after hasty wipes from
quick dumps in the school locker room before practice. Not only didn't this
make my little brother gag in disgust, it just boned him up even more. Jon
was moaning and groaning as he twisted his tighty-whity covered ass in the
air. Even back then, I got off on the smells from my unwashed butthole and
skipped as many showers after practice as our mom would allow but I had no
idea my little bro was a scent pig too, or at least for the smells from my

Ricky took a long pause as he pointed his long index finger and swirled it
around his exposed brown butthole before taking a nice long whiff of his
rancid shitter. We were all still naked from our 4 way fucking, but he was
the only one that didn't have a fat dick run up his tight asshole...yet, so
all of his rectal pheromones were still in tack and ripe for the smelling
and tasting. Of all of my fetishes, deep rimming an over ripe shithole is
at the top. I became mesmerized at the sight of this brown Adonis' crapper
and wanted to dive my head in his sphincter till my tongue rested inside of
his stomach.

"I could see that my brother wasn't so good in the ass wiping department
either from the long deep skid in the middle of his butt crack. I'd always
been an admirer of skid marks, my own but especially others. The guys in
the locker room never suspected that during our horsing around I was
secretly checking their draws for dirty signs of shit and raunch. But with
Jon, it was different because he's my brother. I hesitated for a moment at
the bawdy sight of him being (homo)sexual, and getting off to the odor of
his big brother's most intimate under garments. I didn't know what to
think, but I sure as hell did know what to do. Stop laughing, I know this
is starting to sound like another of those fake gay porn stories but this
is the way it actually happened."  We all looked around at each other, not
really caring how true each detail was, concentrating more on the other hot
guys in the room getting off on the same taboo shit of incest, fucking ripe
buttholes raw and sucking cheesy cocks in a room that smells like farts and

"I crept inside of my bedroom silently and very quickly slammed the door

Ricky began to laugh at the memory of shocking the living shit out of his
baby brother. I knew that if someone did that to me, I would have died of
embarrassment. Pablo looked at Jon with sympathetic eyes after having
something similar, but not as rough, happen to him just a few hours ago.

"I didn't think it was so funny." Jon replied with a serious look on his
face. His erection was high in the air and pointing towards Pablo. The two
of them had a deep connection that seemed to growing by the moment. They
had more than age and a desire for raunchy homo sex in common. If I didn't
know any better, I would have thought they were boyfriends...or
something. But wasn't Ricky Pablo's man?

"Well, fuck, I thought it was hilarious. And it was. You just don't have a
sense of humor, that shit was mad funny!" Continued Ricky, with a large
grin on his face. "I sprinted over to the corner just as Jon turned around,
exposing his considerably erect teenage dick through the thread bare fabric
of his dirty briefs. I caught a glimpse of his huge whopper of a cock
before seeing that his mouth was stuffed with the straps of one of my
dirtiest ball holders. The fucker was sucking on the brown shit streaks and
sniffing the rank off my pouch while rubbing his pulsing boner through his

His face turned a bit more somber as he looked over to see Jon's reaction
to his telling of such a private event in his young gay life. Pablo and I
could tell that this wasn't just the story of how they began to fuck each
other's butts, but also when a new form of love developed between the two
brothers. Private moments like this weren't always meant to be shared, but
I felt like Ricky and Jon considered us family and this was a way to make
our tight little clan closer than ever.

"I looked him up and down quickly and assessed the situation. My baby bro
was a nasty faggot that got off on my rancid scent. `You wanna smell my ass
fag, take in all of my scent from the source? From the looks of your
dripping cock, you get off on your big bro's stink. You want the smell of
my shit so badly, then here; take it!'"

Even as he sat stroking his ever growing juicy cock, his foreskin moving
back and forth over his exposed purple glands, I knew that Ricky didn't
want to embarrass Jon but wanted to tell his side and get back to fucking
my luscious ass. As he spoke, Ricky's eyes locked in on my fart burping
hole and licked his lips. He'd tasted my rectum before fucking it and I
think he developed an addiction to my butt.

"He was coming at me so fast that he dropped his towel and ran the last few
feet with his big brown cock and balls bouncing toward my face. I knew that
Ricky had a healthy sized dick but I didn't know just how large, and I
definitely didn't expect the deep black forest of pubes that surrounded
that monster to also cradle such a massive set of sweaty bull balls." Jon
began to add his memories to Ricky's. "And of course I had a boner, do you
know how fucking good your asshole smells? I was lucking I didn't shoot my
load into your face, I was so horned up and ready to blow." He completed.

"We would've loved to have seen that!" Pablo and I stated with
laughter. Ricky had one of the sweetest and tastiest shitholes that I'd
ever tasted and the first time I smelled it, I almost blew my load too, so
I understood what Jon was talking about. I began to shift my body so that I
could get closer to Ricky to smell his musty butthole some more without
interrupting. It wasn't that hard. Seeing what I was trying to do, he
opened his legs wider in my direction and let out a few farts before
letting me sniff his rancid shit encrusted finger.

"Truth be told, I was a bit excited from the sight of his thick 8 incher
too but I was out to show him a lesson about being in my room and getting
into my stuff." Ricky's lie made us all crack up. "The towel dropped as I
ran and I was sitting on his pretty face so fast that I didn't notice much
of anything else. I plopped my jock butt onto his brown kisser and wiggled
around to get my bare asshole scent deep up his nose and all over his
face. I wanted him to smell like my asshole for the rest of the day. I also
knew that I was extremely ripe back there and sweaty from all of the heat
and humidity of the day. When I opened my legs the heady perfume of my
asshole even reached my nose. The tang of my unwashed fuck hole got me rock
hard and dripping dick spit within seconds."

Ricky began to stroke his shit encased dick as he looked in Jon's direction
to add a bit more to the story. I was laying between his thick legs,
sniffing his most private part as his balls bounced against my forehead.

"Ricky's shitter rode my nose and took my semi to a full hard-on at around
the same rate, I thought I was going to spew my kid wad with him watching,
and laughing at me. But I didn't really care because his asshole was moist
and sticky with so much mucus and slime that I needed to lap up if it was
the last thing I ever did. I didn't expect it to be so wet but it made it
so much nastier and tasty for me to eat. No matter what my big bro wants to
believe, I didn't go into his room that often. I just lucked out when I
found that major treasure trove of rank gym gear in his hamper. How could I
not jerk my fat teen dick to the smell and sights of such hot shit?" Jon
continued. "It smelled so fucking rank and shitty that I needed to smell
even more. I got excited and thought I might not ever get this chance
again, so I pulled his butt cheeks apart myself. His tight rectum opened up
easily, like a whore's, and let loose a loud and funky smelling fart."

We could tell Jon loved the memory of his brother passing gas as he let out
his own farts as an example of what he endured. We all sniffed the air and
started to fart out our ass gas too in mock sympathy. It was great, just a
bunch of guys sitting around farting while pulling our dirty cocks. All of
the ass fucking and rimming had filled our holes with air that we happily
forced back out of our rectums as smelly methane. Farting had become an
enjoyable pastime for us that was second only to getting our asses torn up
by the nearest dirty dick.

"I was surprised that he opened my ass like that. I told you that I needed
to take a shit, so of course I needed to pass some gas...shit head. It
happened so fast that I accidentally cut a foul one right into his
mouth. And do you know what his hot little ass did, as his boycock dripped
slimy pre cum through the fabric of his draws? He began to..."

"eat out his foul asshole, that's what I did", Jon proudly stated as he
interrupted his big brother. "And he fucking loved it!  As Ricky's asshole
rode my nose his big dick was swinging over my forehead and rested on my
nose. Dick spit dripped from the hood covering his cock and fell into my
nostrils. Creamy cock honey ran from my nose like snot. To top it off, his
cock was much bigger than I ever could've imagined and I had spent many a
night jerking off thinking about what Ricky's cock looked and especially
smelled like. It was fatter and thicker and, what I didn't think of was the
weight of such a piece of meat stick, it was just plain ole massive. But it
smelled so great, up close, huffing what made those wonderful piss and
cheese tracks in the front of his draws was worth whatever long term
humiliation Ricky was going to force me to suffer later on."

Jon smiled as Ricky threw him the dirty draws he was wearing today. He
immediately stopped talking and openly sniffed his big brothers nasty
y-fronts in front of Pablo and myself.

"That's funny, I never thought of punishing you any more than making you
eat out my filthy crack. And after seeing and feeling how much you loved
eating grimy butthole, that wasn't much of a punishment at all. Truth be
told, as much as you liked eating my rotting asshole, I loved having it
eaten out by such an eager eater. Yeah, I felt his wet tongue glide up and
down my shit trench and shivered. I felt a shot of electricity with each
pass of his tongue on my most intimate and private spot. I knew he was
cleaning my butt up good, better than any toilet paper ever could. I heard
Jon sniffing my stench something fierce as he licked and moaned and groaned
into my gapping rectum. Then he did the most disgusting thing yet. Jon
stuck his tongue directly inside my shithole. He actually, smelled the foul
aromas of my soiled manhole and wanted so much of my stink butt that he had
to taste what was making that smell. I moaned along with him at his gross
intrusion into the place my turds get pinched from. I liked it so much that
I kept farting into his mouth and even pushed down like I was taking a
shit. Or, taking the shit I needed to take."

Ricky wasn't embarrassed about telling us his little brother ate out his
asshole, he actually looked like he was proud of Jon for taking such a
daring step. I watched as Ricky's semi erect cock, which had been hanging
heavy over his spent ball sac, began to rise slowly towards his full 10
inch height.

"When he did that, I couldn't help myself...really. I spit a wad of mucus
on his hairy shithole and dove right in! Back in the day, Ricky's virgin
hole was smooth and silky with small streaks of shit from farting on me,
but it wasn't the marvelous knotty fuck box we all know and love
today. That would take years of almost constant butthole pounding. But, it
was totally amazing tasting his fart hole for the first time. I lapped it
up like a dog. All of his ass juices and goo just slid into my open
mouth. His slime was salty and sweet at the same time. A few times I even
tried to French kiss his rectum. I needed to clean him out and taste his
deepest cavity and hopefully, whatever I could find that was living up

Jon told us as he began fingering around in his own just fucked shitty
asshole. He was still spewing the shit Pablo fucked from his raunchy hole
but obviously there was more of his dump to come. Creamy goo ran from his
open ditch that Pablo gladly lapped up as Ricky chimed in.

"I was wide open and very relaxed. So relaxed that I was passing gas like
crazy and accidently let a small turd slide down my rectum and into Jon's
open mouth. I was scared that I'd gone too far but noticed that he just
kept eating and sucking on my shithole after he swallowed the small nugget
that I dumped. After that I knew exactly what type of faggot my bro was; a
shit eating one. But I also knew that there must have been something I
could do to show my appreciation. So I bent over a bit to give him greater
access to my treasure and also pull off his dirty cum soaked briefs."

Chapter 2:

"Outside of the stink of my own butt, I'd never smelled another guy's hole,
so being this close to Jon and his raunchy shitter was an opportunity that
I wasn't ready to pass up. I knew that we were treading down a dark road
with us being brothers and all, but I didn't feel like we were doing
anything wrong. I mean, really, I understand what the law says but I knew
that this was my baby bro and that I loved him with all of my heart. That I
wouldn't do anything...anything, to ever hurt him. And by the slurping
sounds coming from under my butt and the super huge erection he was
sporting through his filthy pair of fruit-of-the-looms, I knew that Jon was
many things at that moment, but none of them were feeling bad."

Ricky and I looked over at Jon at that moment to see him and Pablo in a
tight rimming 69. It was almost like we weren't there. The two young ones
were grooving on dirty butthole as Ricky and I moved closer so that I could
clean up his sweaty balls and lick the base of his thick shaft.

"Jon's draws came off pretty quickly cuz he raised his ass into the air
fast and let me snatch them off his butt. Who's the slut now bro? I looked
at the destroyed fabric with lust in my heart and pre cum dripping from my
stiff cock. There was a strong shit line covering the middle section of his
briefs that told me they'd never been washed and that Jon didn't ever
wipe-to-white after taking a steaming dump. I loved the contrast of brown
against the graying white draws but was fixed on the smell of sweaty boy
rectum and digested food rising from the rag in my hand. I had so many
disgusting thoughts about sniffing then licking his shit, but I knew that
once I sniffed his draws, once I tasted my brother's shit, that there was
no going back. We both would be fags for life.  Just when I was about to
chicken out, I looked down at my bro's pulsing member and wondered what it
tasted like. I drooled at the thought of sucking cock. I could smell the
unique scent of creamy head cheese as it rose from within his tight
foreskin overhang.  My bro's dick was literally covered in a thick long
hood of skin that covered his corona completely, even when hard. I was
taken with the cock spit Jon's dick would spew as his big dong bounced up
and down as he orally ravaged my funky butt. He'd created a rhythm between
tonguing my asshole and hands-free jerking of his cock."

Ricky was pumping his dick really fast, so fast that I was afraid he was
going to spew cum all over my face without me getting the chance to suck
the fat cock that'd been fucking my asshole all night. Each pull of his
member released more pre cum which mixed with the tang of my dried shit
that coated his cock from foreskin tip to base of his balls.

"That's when I knew the question had been answered long ago. We already
were fags...shit loving, manstink having, cock sucking, perverted,
incestuous faggots!" Ricky said with pride.

Hearing Ricky call himself a fag got my dick so stiff that I didn't know
what to do. From my uncut cock to my slimy asshole I was smeared in
shit. Ricky had fucked my sludge from my butt with a fierceness I rarely
enjoyed while I had Pablo's shit still lodged in my pubes and Jon's butt
mud coating my teeth and gums...but I still craved more nasty fucking. I
wanted to really fag out with him and Jon and Pablo again, so I shoved his
hand away from his jerking cock and swallowed the dick that had just fucked
me down to the pubes. In seconds I took his shit prick whole and sucked
like the cock sucker I am. So many flavors and smells hit me all at once. I
was surrounded in dick funk increased by the scents of my own asshole.

"Fuck, I love how you suck my dick Hector. I'm so sorry for all the times
we didn't get to fuck around with each other before, but I promise to make
it up to you. Keep sucking my cock baby and I'll give you something to show
you how much I love you."

Ricky pounded my sore throat with the same level of energy and dedication
he pounded my asshole. I was expecting a load of his creamy cum to bathe my
tonsils but instead he gifted me with gallons of hot, salty piss.

"Yeah boy, drink my hot stinky piss. Drink it all down for Rick, but don't
you dare spill a drop. Now, where was I? Oh, so I knew how much I wanted my
bro's shit, and didn't want to waste anymore time denying it. I dove in and
rubbed my nose through his shit track and hoovered up all of the tangy
smells he left for me. I took in all of the metallic aromas of young boy
shit and moaned my pleasure as Jon licked my ass clean as a whistle. We
both enjoyed the fragrance of unwashed butt to the point that nothing else
mattered. I sniffed his draws some more before pulling them over my head
and wearing them like a crown around my neck. Jon's skid marks weren't that
bad to smell and this led to a false sense of confidence in my shit eating
skills. The pungent fumes from his asshole were calling my name and like an
idiot, I answered."

Ricky's piss was concentrated with an acrid taste but because it was mostly
beer I could handle it. Huge sprays of urine hit the back of my throat and
I swallowed more from fear of drowning than of disappointing him. I'd taken
a hydrant of piss into my gullet and now I was going to have to prove what
type of piss pig I was. Ricky's talking and pulling on my nipples did help
a lot as I finished his first load of piss, sucked his stiff cock some more
before attacking his swinging shit caked bullballs.

"I pulled up Jon's skinny legs and bee-lined it for his ditch. Like so many
young boys, his shithole was dirty with the remains of a hasty wipe and
sweat along his crack. The intensity of the aromas rising from his little
brown hole made me skip his man sized dick, for the time being, and headed
for his grimy spot without hesitation. Wow, his asshole fucking stunk much
more than I thought it would. I caught a few rancid sniffs before needing
to pull back and catch my breath with some fresh air. I didn't know how Jon
could dive into my shitter for such a long time without throwing up. It
wasn't that his ditch was disgusting, as much as it was all so
overwhelming. The flavors were much more intense as rectal mucus mixed with
butt sweat, stale farts and of course left over shit! My head was reeling
from the tongue up my butt and my stiffy rubbing against my little bro's
chest as pre cum spit from my piss slit and massaged the head of my cheesy
cock. I was powerless; I had no choice but to eat out that ass."

At this point, I wanted his ass just as much as Ricky wanted Jon's 5 years
ago. No, I needed Ricky's butthole to ride my nose and release all of his
inner scents into my nostrils. Then I was going to eat out that fat ass. I
was going to feast like a starving man on his shitter, giving us both homo
pleasures. My cock was dripping copious amounts of pre spunk. I looked
around to see Pablo and Jon getting into the fuck-me position. Pablo was
lying face down on the bed with his dick and ass hanging off of the bed. He
spread and raised his butt cheeks into the air allowing Jon perfect access
to fuck his trench. From my vantage point I could see and smell my primo's
nasty asshole and it horned me up even more. I kept watching until Jon bent
in low and rammed his stiff cock into Pablo's wide pink shitter. The boys
moaned at the fast and dry raw entry but pure pleasure was on the way. As
Jon fucked butt, his asshole was open wide and farting with each push
inside that whore rectum. I could see tiny dribbles of liquid shit escape
from his o-shaped boy hole and drip down his balls before falling to the
wood floor. Damn, my cousin was a lucky fag.

"I took my time learning to love my brother's natural scent. His asshole
was an acquired taste that I had to approach slowly and with some
effort. Being able to take the tang of someone's stinkhole wasn't as easy
as I thought it would be but I knew that I would do anything to be closer
to my little bro, even if it meant learning to smell and eventually eat his
shit. I began by swirling my finger around his smooth anal wall and then
sniffing it. This was an easy way to begin sucking butt. I could tell by
the rise in my cock that I loved the scent of unwashed teen hole as much as
Jon's dick got hard off of the ripe smells of my manly butt. I repeated the
finger move a few more times before pushing my nose against his crack
again. This time I wasn't repulsed as much as turned on. My balls begged
for release as I took a deep breath of the trench. Damn, my baby bro
smelled amazing. It didn't take me long before I added my tongue to the
equation and rimmed dirty butthole for the first time. I ate deep and wet
into that ass with no regrets from me or Jon."

Ricky looked back to see his bro tapping my cousin's butt nut and got
inspired. He rolled back on the floor and lifted his legs wide before
drawing his knees to his chest. The metallic whiff of shit rose in the air
as he forced out a loud fart on his descended rosebud. Intestinal mucus
accompanied the crimson petals made of his sphincter muscle. It was a
beautiful picture made all the better by the bitter taste of excrement in
my mouth as I mounted his asshole by his silent invitation. I finally was
going to get a chance to fuck that ass!

"Fuck me Hector, damn you, fuck my dirty asshole! Stick that dick deep
inside my fuckhole and rape my ass! Damn, if I knew your big nasty cock was
going to feel so good in my shit filled hole, I would've been riding your
dick a long time ago Hector. It feels like your dick was made to be lodged
in my rectum. But fuck, if you keep that up, I won't be able to tell you
want happened next between me and Jon."

I had a dilemma, I wanted to keep my cock rammed in that tight hole as long
as I could but I also wanted to hear more of this story because it was
making me feel much closer to Ricky and to Jon. I'd known them for so long
but never knew about this part of them, or how deeply they truly loved each
other as brothers and lovers. I was conflicted as the heat from Ricky's
asshole was intense and soothing but the information I was getting was
priceless. His natural body temperature was so high that I felt like I'd
put my dick into a furnace, and it felt good; Warm and silky, like a glove
over my raw cock. I was moaning and begging for more of that butt and
ramming my cock in deeper and deeper with each plunge, forcing out pure
shit from his loose rectum. I became a machine from the waist down. I lost
total control of myself and plunged my cock inside his butt so hard that it
forced Ricky to cum without touching himself! Ropes and ropes of creamy
spooge erupted from his thick pulsing cock and shot across his abs and
chest before hitting my best friend in the face. Tight contractions from
his asshole gripped my dick like a vice. I wasn't going to stop fucking his
asshole for the first time just because my huge cock made him cum. I was
going to keep pounding that ass till he gave up another load of man milk.

I reached down across his taut torso and scooped up the spilled semen seed
and quickly ate it up. His sperm was sweet to the tongue and reminded me of
honey sap. My rhythms in his butt stayed on a steady pace as Ricky reached
up to my nipples and gave them a few hard tugs. I loved how he kept bucking
his butt back into my dick as he twisted and tortured my nips. The moaning
of two guys fucking, me and Jon, mixed with the sounds of contentment
coming from our bottoms, Ricky and Pablo.

Seeing that we were back to the fucking and less of the talking, our young
protégés decided to join us in our fag coupling. Jon maneuvered the two of
them so that they were standing directly over Ricky's lower half and my
face as they fucked. I looked up in time to see my cousin point his
dripping cheesy peter in my direction before letting out a long stream of
pure yellow urine. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth to take in all of
the liquid nutriments that I needed to continue digging out Ricky's
Luka Magnotta

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Luka Magnotta

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